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Detecting caries and tartar in pockets

Sometimes, caries only appears on the surface in the form of minor light brown spots, with significant decay already taking place inside the tooth. Caries cannot always be detected by external examination and X-ray scanning, especially in the case of minor hidden caries. Similarly, it is extremely difficult to detect tartar inside deep gum pockets.

Ugotavljanje kariesa in zobnih oblog

“Detecting minor caries allows the use of microinvasive treatment, therefore prevention or prophylaxis is of key importance.”

In many cases, we can use a small laser tool, which helps us detect caries under smaller colourations where regular instruments, magnifying lenses or X-ray, are ineffective. Detecting caries in its initial stages allows the use of microinvasive forms of treatment.

The laser tool also helps us detect caries or tartar, hidden deep inside gum pockets.

Caries and tartar detection is a painless procedure.