Kovačič Mirjam

Partial and full dentures, and combined prosthetics

When we have lost several teeth, particularly the ones in the back, we can replace them with implants or prosthetics. With a few teeth missing, we make a partial denture to replace them. Classic partial dentures have clasps that can be visible in front when we speak. In certain cases, we can make partial dentures without front clasps, which are only fastened in the back with a special snap fastener.

Delne, totalne proteze in kombinirana protetika

“We make high-quality dentures, which are developed for every patient individually.”

When all teeth are missing, we make a full denture.

With partially missing jaw bone it is possible that the denture wouldn’t be stable. In such cases, we advise the support of a few implants. This enables the patient to eat more easily and improves their quality of life.

The prosthesis manufacture is generally painless.