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Periodontal examination

Parodontološki pregled


Besides the examination of the mouth and teeth, it is important to assess the condition of the periodontium, i.e. the tissues surrounding the teeth. When we notice increased bleeding of the gums or periodontal pockets, we advise performing a periodontal examination.

Parodontološki pregled

During the periodontal examination, we use an electronic probe to measure or note the:

  • depth of periodontal pockets in six sites around each tooth;

  • gingival recession or gingival margin;

  • levels of tooth mobility or attachment loss;

  • levels of gingival bleeding;

  • abscess in periodontal pockets;

  • furcation defect in multi-rooted teeth;

  • presence of plaque and tartar.


The treatments are planned based on the results of the periodontal examination.