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Root canal treatment

Toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain. When caries reaches the dental pulp (nerve),…

Root canal treatment is generally painless and can effectively save teeth from decay.

In this type of treatment, we also use devices for mechanical widening of the root canal, ultrasonic irrigation and disinfection of the root canal, electronic length measurement etc. The affected tooth usually requires several treatments and visits. When the root canal is clean and it doesn’t cause any pain, we fill it with special fillings, using different techniques. Such a tooth should be carefully monitored and checked regularly. We keep records of your treatments and dental condition in our dental clinic. Root canal treatments are generally painless.

If we treat root canals for deep caries when the pulp is still alive, the procedure is always performed under anaesthesia. When the pulp is dead, anaesthesia isn’t required and the treatment is painless.

When we receive a patient who has been experiencing pain for several days, anaesthesia sometimes isn’t fully effective. However, it’s usually just enough to make the pain bearable and treat the tooth with medication. This soothes the tooth and the pain generally subsides in 30 minutes. You should never wait when experiencing toothache!